Accommodating resistance exercise machines

if you add bands or chains to any of the above exercises you get variable resistance....if you use resistance bands only or the old universal gym systems, and I think the strive brand of exercise equipment has variable cams in their machines that can move the heavy point to the beginning, middle, or end.Accommodating resistance is a form of variable resistance.I know there have been coaches that have toyed around with using bands or chains with cleans and snatches.Travis Mash did an outstanding presentation at the 2009 Central Ohio Strength & Conditioning Clinic on using the WSBB method with Olympic lifts.

Add a lobed cable swivle and it becomes variable resistance.The new machine I reviewhere may be one of the good ones.For years, strength-training machines were built with no specialintent beyond making muscles bigger and stronger by allowing the userto work against resistance.He was up front and honest with what he discovered.Basically he thought Although I don't suggest using them with any variation that involves a catch.

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