Dating cpas

Just like each one of us, numbers have a story to tell.

Accountants are able to interpret that story based on piecing together figures and ratios and evaluating account relationships. They realize where there are shortfalls, where things are excelling and where an organization, project or situation is headed. Accountants have the utmost potential to be the best story written in your book.

Here are the reasons why: Accountants spend ample time noticing and extracting deficiencies, inconsistencies, patterns and much more.

They're both logical and creative, but in all the right ways.

Many hope to date a sports star, actor or celebrity chef, but what about a CPA? CPAs are among the most intelligent in the dating pool. CPAs know the rules so well they’re good at finding loopholes and making them work for you.

While not the obvious choice, a relationship with a CPA offer can offer many spin-off benefits that are comparable, if not better than, dating the who’s who in Hollywood.

They have a keen eye for detail, and as a result, they're intuitive. They'll notice fidgety people, a lack of eye contact and sincerity (or an absence of it). They are genuinely intuitive toward the people they love.

They'll tend to dig for deeper meanings beyond the surface.

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