Playlists selected for updating no longer exist

-Select one song: This will play your desired song as well as creating a playlist for continuous music goodness.

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To accomplish this, click the search button in the action bar and type in any song or artist.

The first time it started happening, I sent the nano to Apple for repair. I don't mean Audible content from the i Tunes Music Store, but from Audible directly. My 5G 30GB i Pod does the same thing, usually as I'm starting it up after sleep or setting the lock.

However, it was sent back with a note saying that no problem was found with the unit. I've seen the presence of such files cause that behavior on more than one i Pod. Of course, it's while I'm in the car, usually about to start driving, and I'm 4 hours into my audiobook, so I have to take the next 10 minutes ff-ing through to where I was (it's gotten so frequent that I always note the time counter before I press play).

You can move songs in the queue by dragging the left side of the song.

Menu - The menu button contains extra functionality to the player and queue.

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