Outlook 2016 public folder calendar not updating

We will be contacting owners to determine the best option for them.

For more information see Moving Public Folders Contents to Office 365 Unlike Private folders (mailboxes), Public folders are Outlook folders that are used to share information with others.

Public Folders are alive and well, and for one major reason—people love them.

Anyone with an Outlook account can view and manage them, so users don’t have to constantly bother IT staff with changes.

These folders can be used to share information with the entire campus or within your department or college.

For example, if you work for a construction company and have a constantly changing cast of characters on projects, you could use a Public Folder to store up-to-date contact information for each new project.

Maybe your company uses a preferred travel agency with multiple account contacts and phone numbers (a toll-free international number and an after-hours emergency line, for example). Got a list of contacts that’s only for your executive team? Microsoft just doesn’t provide a mechanism to sync Public Folders to mobile users.

Code Two Public Folders will let you do that without the necessity of investing large sums of money in IT infrastructure, or online collaboration platforms. The program comes with the File Sharing App that will allow you to share documents pretty much the same way as with popular cloud sharing tools.

Our tool, however, never stores your files on external servers, which means they are protected from loss and hackers. You can choose to share your files and Outlook items only in your local network or via the Internet.

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