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[Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment] star Sam Heughan’s type! She was also married to stage actor John Arthur Greene, but that marriage ended in divorce. When rumors began surfacing about her relationship with confirmed.Before dating Mauzy, Heughan was rumored to be in a relationship with Hollywood socialite Cody Kennedy and model/actress Amy Shiels. They made a range of baseless and untrue accusations about her, including that she was only dating Sam for increased fame and popularity.And while Heughan didn’t win the BAFTA Award that he was nominated for, he certainly seems to have won the heart of the gorgeous young actress.With this in mind, we’ve put together this list of some things you need to know about the beautiful young rising starlet whom “You know you hear Meryl Streep plays your mom and you don’t exactly think, ‘Oh yeah, I got this.’ I have obviously looked up to Meryl and respected her for a long time, so that was just sort of surreal — at least for me, it was a dream.” star Sam Heughan, onscreen, she once dated Charles Manson.I'm just an anal kind of guy who likes to make things all neat and tidy. Look - I find some of what you teach suspect Because I'm used to relying on intellect But I try to open up to what I don't know GORDON & ROGER (who sings from his loft) Because reason says I should have died Three years ago ALL No other road No other way No day but today Top MIMI What's the time? When the "moos" reach a crescendo, she cuts them off with a big sweep of her arms.) Thank you. RESTAURANT MAN Go, please go; You -- Hello, sir -- I said, "No" Important customer MARK What am I -- just a blur? MARK That's a lie -- that's a lie I had a tea the other day RESTAURANT MAN You couldn't pay MARK Oh yeah COLLINS Benjamin Coffin III -- here? COLLINS What brings the mogul in his own mind to the Life Cafe? ROGER For someone who longs for a community of his own, Who's with his camera, alone? MIMI steps away.) MIMI Please don't touch me Understand I'm scared I need to go away MARK I know a place -- a clinic BENNY A rehab? BENNY I'll pay MIMI Goodbye love Goodbye love Came to say goodbye, love, goodbye Just came to say Goodbye love Goodbye love Goodbye love Hello disease (MIMI runs away. COLLINS That's no way to send a boy to meet his maker! (There is now a plain text version of the script as well! GORDON Best I've felt all year PAUL Then why choose fear? Well it's gotta be close to midnight My body's talking to me It says, "Time for danger" It says "I wanna commit a crime Wanna be the cause of a fight Wanna put on a tight skirt and flirt With a stranger" I've had a knack from way back At breaking the rules once I learn the games Get up - life's too quick I know someplace sick Where this chick'll dance in the flames We don't need any money I always get in for free You can get in too If you get in with me Let's go out tonight I have to go out tonight You wanna play? (Blackout.) Top (Downstage right, the PRINCIPALS have lined up and are waiting to be seated. BENNY I would like to propose a toast To Maureen's noble try It went well MAUREEN Go to hell BENNY Was the yuppie scum stomped Not counting the homeless How many tickets weren't comped ROGER Why did Muffy -- BENNY Alison ROGER Miss the show? (ROGER takes a step to go, then stops, turns.) I'll call I hate the fall (ROGER turns to go and sees MIMI.) You heard? After a moment, COLLINS quicjkly enters, with the PASTOR trailing behind him.) PASTOR Off the premises now, we give no handouts here! The Stage Door Canteen was started and directed by The American Theatre Wing, War Service Inc. The canteen offered servicemen nights of dancing, entertainment, food and nonalcoholic drinks, and even opportunities to rub shoulders with celebrities. The first Stage Door Canteen opened in New York on 2 March 1942, in the basement of the 44th Street Theater; it measured 40 by 80 feet and could accommodate 500 people at a time.On its opening night entertainers included a comedian, a ballet dancer, and actors Gertrude Lawrence, Tallulah Bankhead, and Walter Pidgeon.

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