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It showed a massive, wall-sized computer, with hundreds of blinking lights, ejecting a tiny paper card with a red heart on it for its operator, who was dwarfed by the computer’s hulking form.

The drawing of the computer was supposedly based on the huge SSEC (Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator) mainframe that IBM had shown off in its Madison Avenue showroom in New York City from 1948-1952.

“Cohabitations typically are short-lived,” the report observes, though it stresses that cohabitations last somewhat longer now than 10 years ago.

Coincidentally, a second new report, this one released March 15, also looks closely at cohabitation, examining important realities of this expanding lifestyle within the context of America’s rising marriage age.

Titled ““Knot Yet: The Benefits and Costs of Delayed Marriage in America,” it was co-sponsored by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, and the Relate Institute.

“One of our most startling findings,” the report’s authors state, “is that today’s young people of all education levels are entering their first coresidential relationships at about the same age as in the past; it’s just that now they are far more likely to be ‘living together’ than married.” In each of these two new reports, America’s current and well-documented marriage divide, which makes the benefits of marriage much more accessible to the college educated, is shown to play a large role in shaping cohabitation patterns.

Doing so makes more visible the heteronormativity that silently structures much of our technological infrastructure and helps bring other questions about gender, race, and class into the foreground.The double meaning has also permitted the fiction, widely accepted in outside reporting, that Botswana's success as a multiparty liberal democracy is based on an ethnically homogeneous population, when abundant state resources based upon diamond mining, responsibly and equitably distributed, are the more likely source of stability. Bordering on South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Zambia, it is 224,607 square miles (581,730 square kilometers) in area, about the same size as France.This fiction may indeed have supported the building of an officially nonethnic, state-oriented society, but has come under sharp challenge in the 1990s, as minority groups request the privileges of official recognition. Two-thirds of the country is comprised of the Kalahari Desert, which is covered with grasses and scrub but has scarce surface water.But other key points involving the marriage divide and childbearing surely deserve attention.The report is titled “First Premarital Cohabitation in the United States: 2006-2010 National Survey of Family Growth.” Researchers want to know “whether cohabitation serves primarily as a step toward marriage …

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