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'Superman' / Composite Superman / Cos-Man of Steel / Cos-Superman / Dark Superman / First Superman / Lord Superman / Male Superhero / Man O Steel / Man of Steel / Mecha Superman / Nightmare Superman / Policajac u Supermenovoj majici / SUPERMAN / Second Superman / Shekhar 'Superman' / Super Man / Superior Man / Superman Clone / Superman Robot / Superman and the Mole-Men / Superman in 'Man of Steel' / Supermen / Supermeng / Superperson / Spermen / Young Superman From Superman (1978) Superman: Uh, you really shouldn't smoke, you know, Miss Lane. Superman: [x-rays her lungs] Well, not yet, thank goodness.Upon his graduation in 1997, he then enrolled in University of Iowa to pursue a degree in English, but as his desire to act became really hard to resist, the brown-eyed teen ultimately decided to give up his study after a year and so headed for Hollywood to search for good opportunity to flourish a career in entertainment industry.Much to Brandon's delight, acting jobs were quite easy to encounter as he managed to show up in a 1999 episode of ABC TV series "Odd Man Out" followed by guest stints in MTV's "Undressed" for its 4 episodes in 2000 and another in WB's "Gilmore Girls" a year later.In the summer of 2015, he and his older brother Hunter went to a dance studio and produced a few choreographed dance routines.His mother Christine is an entrepreneur and model, while his youngest sibling Ashton is also generating buzz in the social media world. He and Hunter appeared together on the 2016 Mag Con tour.

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However, in 1999 he dropped out from University of Iowa and began pursuing his acting career.

Going up a notch higher, he satisfyingly went steadier in the business shortly thereafter with role as Seth Anderson in the long-running soap opera of "One Life to Live" which saw him staying for about one year before leaving the series by April 2002.

Afterwards gained a one-time appearance in prime-time shows namely CBS's "Cold Case" plus NBC's "Will & Grace" during the next two years, it was not until fall 2004 that this striking young man began to earn vast public notice when Warner Bros.

Three years before actor Brandon Routh, 28, donned those famous blue tights, he tended bar at Hollywood's Lucky Strike Lanes.

During a private party there in November 2003, actress Courtney Ford, 29, repeatedly poured out the cocktails he made her as a ruse to chat with him.

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