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Screening on April 26th at 7pm is followed by a Q&A.Brit Week is a non-profit organization, started in Los Angeles in 2007 by Nigel Lythgoe and then Consul General Bob Peirce, to highlight the creation fusion between the United Kingdom and the USA.Tamie Adaya, renowned art patron and owner of The Shangri-La, Hollywood’s timeless iconic Art Deco hotel, is hosting a trilogy of star-studded cultural delights celebrating the best of British creativity this month.The American hotelier and entrepreneur is joining forces again with Nigel Lythgoe OBE and former British Consulate Bob Peirce, co-founders of Brit Week."I think that was a major failing on the part of casting to have those two together.On their own, either one may have been successful."Looking back on his time with the show, Lythgoe offers that there are no losers -- pointing to Jennifer Hudson, who "came in sixth and I consider her a winner."Indeed, it's all in what you make of the opportunity.I was able to reach my dreams by getting into Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre before graduating from college. It will also allow me to be a role model for other dancers my age.

"Judging by the amount of sales, whether it's downloading or actually purchasing a [physical product], uplifted the music industry without question."As for the judges' public profiles, Lythgoe believes the show was key for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, but he admits that hiring Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey to share the table was a mistake."Mariah and Nicki was just crazy, and then it really started becoming about the judges and took away from the contestants altogether," Lythgoe told .The annual event, now in its tenth year, is a celebration of the creative fusion between the UK and the USA, focusing on film, music, arts and fashion.With a rich history dating back three-quarters of a century, and member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the luxury boutique oceanfront Shangri-La in Santa Mónica has been the ultimate clandestine retreat for celebrities, Presidents, Royalty and the fashion glitterati.will return this summer, back to its original system of featuring adult dancers between the ages of 18-30.Auditions are set for New York (March 4-6) and Los Angeles (March 17-19). Season 13 aired on Monday, September 12, 2016 on Fox.

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