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The majority of online daters, however, were much more upbeat.

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Rates of online dating have also risen significantly for U. The researcher also said it found that nearly one-in-ten American adults (9 per cent) have used a dating app on their cellphone, up from just 3 per cent who reported doing so back in 2013.

Some of the naysayers, however, are the same people logged onto online sites and apps.

About one in 10 of online daters said they think dating site users are “desperate” (though the survey didn’t indicate if they were referring to themselves or just their lackluster prospects on those sites).

Pew's analysis is the latest in a series of efforts designed to get a better handle on how much technology has changed the way prospective partners pair up.

Unlike data released this summer based on a survey commissioned by a dating website, Pew, a non-partisan organization, is an independent body."We're not just looking at users of a particular site or a convenience sample," says the report's lead author, Aaron Smith.

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